Thursday, March 1, 2012

Warehousing and Distribution Services

Voluforms maintains a 40,000 square foot warehouse with additional space available for storage services.
  1. Monthly, weekly or daily delivery to multiple locations available.
  2. Stockless office supply program can be incorporated into distribution program.
  3. Stockless John Conti beverage program can be incorporated into distribution program.
  4. Dual control, lock and key security for negotiable documents.
  5. Return and exchange program for inventory items.
  6. Pick and pack services reported by cost center.
Fast Facts about Warehousing and Distribution Services:
  • Your products are fully insured when you store with Voluforms.
  • A complete library of reports are available, in hard copy or on-line, so you always know your inventory status.
  • Voluforms is proud to partner with FedEx to get your product delivered on time and on schedule.
  • Our warehousing and inventory reports can play a valuable role in your organization’s Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Call us at 812-283-0455 for all your warehousing and distribution needs.
Find out more about Voluforms and what we do by watching this video:

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