Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Caught in the Middle

After the storms and tornadoes just a couple weeks back, Voluforms is still hearing stories from those caught in the middle.  Our employees have been sharing their experiences with us too.  Chris Maheney, Voluform’s VP of Technology, tells his story here:

“I heard the night before that my hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky might get some of the worst weather it had seen in years. I did not expect to see much bad weather in Henryville and was wondering how bad it would be in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It turns out Henryville would be in the spotlight instead.

After clearing out a closet under the stairwell (not that it would have helped from a direct hit from this size tornado), I walked toward the kitchen to look out to the woods behind the house. The lights flickered and went out as I saw what I now know was one of the smaller tornadoes tearing up trees behind my house. The tops of all the trees in my front yard snapped off at the same time, and I could hear one of them crash against my house. Baseball size hail followed and broke rear windows on the house. I tried to send messages as long as it was possible, but phone service in the area did not last long.

After the storm passed, I was picking up some debris outside when my neighbor returned and told me he had just tried driving around and that it looked like a war zone outside our little neighborhood. (I live only about a half mile from the school and the rest of the area, which was devastated by the larger tornado.) He told me it appeared homes were thrown over the roads both ways, so you could not get out of the area. He also saw people with blood on their faces wandering aimlessly, not knowing where to go for help.

Later that evening I found a way to get to Louisville to get word to family and friends that at least I was okay.”

What an incredible story, Chris! Thanks for sharing with us. Feel free to share your own stories from the Southern Indiana tornadoes here in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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