Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spotlight - Molly Eckert

                Voluforms’ newest addition to the family and our latest Spotlight employee is Molly Eckert, a 2012 graduate of Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.  After graduating with a degree in English Literature, Molly decided to return home to southern Indiana to work as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) at Voluforms.  Many family friends already work at Voluforms, including her mother, Wendy Eckert, who is the Chief Operating Officer at Voluforms.  Working with mom is an interesting experience, Molly says, especially separating their business and personal relationships from each other, but it’s a beneficial experience too.

Molly in her office at Voluforms
                Some of Molly’s hobbies include reading and spending time with her friends and family.  She loves travelling, especially after spending 3 months studying abroad in the United Kingdom and Europe.  She even has pen pals, whom she still writes via snail mail!
                Molly just started with Voluforms in early May, but already her favorite part of the day is interacting with her coworkers.  She says the best thing is being able to work together and “solve problems together as one unit.”  Molly has a bright future ahead of her at Voluforms, as well as in the local area.  She is currently considering taking a position as a volleyball coach, in addition to attending graduate school in English Literature this fall at the University of Louisville.
As Voluforms President & CEO Mike Stewart describes, “Molly has grown up in our company. We are proud to have her with us as she continues her goal of obtaining her masters degree.  Molly’s smile and intelligence makes her a pleasure to work with!”  Welcome to the family, Molly!

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